How to Throw Your Own Quarantine Prom
Fri, May 29th, 2020 12:00:00 am -

The twenties we’ve always heard about have been known for their iconic fashion and distinct historical events. Now 2020 has earned its own place in history. One place the effects of this year can’t be denied is in our celebrations. For high school juniors and especially, this year’s seniors, prom as we have always known it has been cancelled—however, the human spirit cannot be broken and the party isn’t off the calendar for those who are throwing their own proms at home!

Here are some tips on throwing your own #QuarantineProm: 

·        Buy your dress – just because prom isn’t taking place at an outside venue doesn’t mean it’s any less special. (In fact, this dress will not only be adorning you gloriously, but it instantly becomes a historical piece of this most unprecedented history—you guys have a story like no other!) Clothes reflect how important we think an event is, so don’t deny yourself the joy and pleasure of getting dressed up in your finest for your special night. And where do you find a prom dress during quarantine? YBD is offering virtual-try on's of our stunning collection of prom dresses, available for curbside pick-up or at home delivery!

·        Create a playlist that encompasses the past 12 years—for the young girl who dreamed of this night to the one who is living it now, honor that girl with songs from 2008 to the newest hits on your playlist. (Think: all those songs you were belting out in 2nd grade but had no idea what they really meant.)

·        Don’t forget the crown – this year, everyone gets to be prom queen—including you—and as everyone should, because every girl deserves to be recognized for how amazing she is.

·        Even with social distancing, create a guest list: invite the ones you’re quarantining with or Facetime/Zoom call with all your friends who are promming it up at home! Even include those aunties, cousins, and loved ones who’ve walked this journey with you and who, if it wasn’t for social distancing, would be at your house, cell phone in hand, Facebook post ready to go.

·        Bring on the classic snacks – pull out the punch and junk food—and add any of your own favorite treats!

·        DECORATE—you are the prom committee, and as such, you have full veto on your favorite theme. Fill up the balloons, cordon off an area with streamers and wall dressings, and spread out the table clothes.

·        Support your local florist by picking up a curbside corsage!

This year looks different every time we turn around. And it’s totally normal to feel sad that your dance isn’t taking place at the fancy venue, with a date, and all your friends. But, the time is still happening—and there are tons of ways you can make prom happen—and all on your terms!  This experience is still yours! And you may not realize it now, but you will have a once-in-a-lifetime story to tell everyone who came after you. Class of 2020, you guys sure a special bunch – celebrate like it! 

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